Concrete and Asphalt


While green construction might be our main passion, our secondary passion is asphalt and concrete. We believe that this is the key in the bigger equation to creating a new brand of construction that is not only better for the environment, but one that is actually cheaper to build with. The thing about concrete and asphalt is that it has to be done quite frequently, especially in areas with less consistent climates. The fact that concrete and asphalt absorb so much heat and that they are easily broken means that in order to usher in the future of the industry, that changes must be made.

We work closely with scientists fromĀ asphalt paving solutions Concord CA in order to determine the best way in which to pour asphalt and concrete. Not only do we look at new ways to pour the materials, but we also look at how the climate affects them. What is the point of hiring a company to pour materials when they will need to return soon after in order to fix them?

A higher caliber of work

The difference between us and other companies is that we hold ourselves to different standards. We work only to change the way in which construction is one, which carries over to all of our services. When it comes to pouring asphalt or concrete, we understand that there is a way in which it is almost always done, and that there are options out there that can change the way in which it is done.

We guarantee that all of our work is backed by a quality guarantee that will last as long as you own your property. That our science based way of construction will ensure that your asphalt cracks and breaks less than our competitors and that you will save money on repairs in the future.